Sally Ride Passed Away

Picture from NASA site

I remember being a little girl when it was announced that an American woman was going into space. I was so excited! Excited that anyone was going to space but very happy a woman was going to be one of them! Sally Ride quickly became a woman who I read about it magazines, news papers and history books with in months!

I was so excited that this female physicist was being recognized as being a great astronaut! I don’t think I immediately grasped the magnitude that Sally Ride was the first American female to reach this level. I wonder if it hit her as she was becoming that woman? Or if was she just a girl doing what she loved regardless of being one of few females in her field? Either way she has become an icon for geeky women everywhere! While she may not have been seeking glory as a woman I am sure she felt the pressure.

I was very sad to find out that she just lost her 18 month battle with cancer, passing away at 61. Not only was she a role model for me as I realized that I loved that I loved math and science but she is already a role model for my daughters. She isn’t just a role model because she flew on a space ship but because she was a physicist and physicists are awesome!!!

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