SimpleDeal Mobile App

SimpleDeal Screenshot 2When eating out we all want a deal but often you need to print out coupons or search around for deals that are only good at certain times. SimpleDeal mobile app is coming out to combat those problems.

This is a restaurant deals app will tell you all the great deals for the restaurant that you are at! You don’t have to have purchased a deal previously or jump through any hoops. Simply point your phone at the nearest restaurant and the deals will pop up (if they are on the service). If there aren’t any deals to be had, a list of nearby establishments will pop up along with their deals.

Restaurants do pay a minimal fee to list their establishments and their deals. But it is free for the diners to use!

Right now it is only being used in Long Beach but they are planning on widening their coverage soon. SimpleDeal was released on iOs January 10th and will be released on Android on January 17th.

(This is an informational post on a new app that is sponsored but all words are my own!)



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