Star Wars T-Shirt Tuesday

I couldn’t do very many T-Shirt Tuesday’s without doing a Star Wars themed week! So here is a round up of but a few Star Wars themed shirts!


I admit, I first look for shirts for me and me alone when I do these round ups and I absolutely love this one!!! You can get it in a variety of colors and styles but I love it in a cranberry v neck! She Can Do It ties together Princess Leia and Rosie so I am sold. I think I am going to wear it with a black jacket that has some red pinstripes and a black pencil skirt! If I am feeling really fancy I may pair it with some ox blood heels!

Star Wars Polo Shirts

I am all about working geek fashion into real life. So these
Star Wars Polo Shirts
are awesome for that! You could totally rock these in any business casual environment or even Sunday church.



You have got to love this Smugglers shirt! It doesn’t just have Han but he is headlining the group!


I love a great crossover t-shirt! Not the Droids is absolutely adorable and brings together a variety of geekdoms!


Ok, you might not really be cooler than Han Solo but this shirt is a start in the right direction! This might be a shirt I get in black though…

Do you love any of these? There are so many great ones out there that I just included a few.

 So what should I round up next? Let me know in the comments!!!

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