Hip Hop Dance Experience


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I recently got my happy little hands on Ubisoft’s new Hip Hop Dance Experience game for my Xbox 360! I was really excited to try this game out and it didn’t disappoint at all!

So I have a little confession…. I really like pop and hip hop and dancing but it is not an attractive site. I mean at all;). That is why this review is not accompanied by any personal pictures or videos. I didn’t want to burn your retinas. But that is a big benefit to this game! I can try to learn and practice moves in the privacy of my own home. I am not going to be a girl out at the club. The only public place I dance is at blogging conferences;).

Another big plus is the exercise that I get doing it! Now I have played the various Just Dance, Dance Central and Just Dance Disney but there were nothing as far as exercise in comparison. Luckily there are levels! And the better you get the more challenging you can go! The songs show you clearly their levels. But onto game play.

The interface of Hip Hop Dance Experience is pretty smooth on the Xbox 360 version. Of course it is easily controlled by hand gestures. You can also call up songs just by saying their names! Even if they aren’t on the screen. There are also various modes with party mode, marathon, battle and more.

The dance play itself is great! I am kind of uncoordinated so I love the fact that their are two dancers. One person facing away that you copy but then there is also a person facing you so you can see that view also! I really appreciate seeing both viewpoints! I also love the fact that the game clearly communicates where you are wrong. Where you are wrong it will glow red so you are very aware where you need to alter to perfectly execute the moves.

There is just one down side for me to the whole Hip Hop Dance Experience and that is that I don’t find it very kid friendly. These are hip hop and rap songs so if you wouldn’t let your kids listen to them…. Well, this might not be the game for them. But as for NerdDad and I? We give Ubisoft’s Hip Hop Dance Experience a definite thumbs up!!!