The Death of LucasArts Games


Just heard some shocking Lucas/Star Wars/Disney news. Disney is closing down LucasArts!

Ok, maybe they aren’t closing all of LucasArts but they are closing the games publishing section which employs something like 150 people! LucasArts is part of the Star Wars empire that Disney acquired fairly recently. They say that they will be going to a licensing model instead of an in house development model.

This was just announced so I am not really sure what all this means but I don’t think I agree with Game Informer when they say that this isn’t surprising. I am surprised because it seems they are just killing games in process rather than finishing them or having them finished by other developers. I agree with something that Tom Merritt said on Tech News Today about how I would have expected it be sold off before I would have thought that they would close it down.

So will this be good for Star Wars as a franchise? Is this a mistake on Disney’s behalf? Since they were already licensing out to other game companies, I don’t think it will be a game changer. I am very interested to see what the effects of this are.

My heart felt condolences go out to all the employees and I hope they all secure new positions immediately!!

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