The First Geek T-Shirt Tuesday: Doctor Who Theme


Doctor Who Abbey Road

I am starting a new feature called Geek T-Shirt Tuesday! Every week I will share a couple of great geek t-shirts that I find out and about! And yes, often they will be affiliate links so click through and buy ok;)?

The first one I found over at Think Geek and is called Doctor Who Abbey Road and is just adorable!!!

Minions Starring as Doctor Who and Dalek

Minions Starring as Doctor Who and Dalek

The next one was found by my fabulous friend Crystal (who has a t-shirt problem;)! It is titled Minions Starring as Doctor Who and Dalek. There are lots of choices to customize it too!

So what are your favorite geek t-shirts that you have seen this week?? Let me know and I might mention it next week and give you a link if you leave it!


  1. T-shirt problem? Me? Nah!

  2. Fun posts, geek shirts are so cool now. Love the vintage ones!

  3. I like the tees with hashtags on 🙂

  4. Ok – those shirts are awesome! I want one!

  5. I love Think Geek. I have a cell phone holder (for my desk) from them that is two hands, holding the phone, and the thumbs are texting. Got a lot of comments when I was working in an office. =)

  6. I looove the Abbey Road one! I have a small-but-growing collection of Doctor Who shirts. (Two is a “collection,” right?)

  7. NerdMom says:

    2 is definitely a collection but just the start;).

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