The Instagram Hole

instagram Collage

I admit it, I have recently fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole. I know, I am late to the party but I am snapping selfies and taking pictures of lunch. It is crazy!!! But why now?

My cellphone camera is really good and that is a life changer. I admit that while I have had a smart phone for a few years, this has been my first year with good ones. And I have been blessed to have a few different ones since I have been an Ambassador with Verizon (so they give me great phones;). All 3 of the phones I have used this year have had much better cameras than my old, barely smart, smart phone.

My current phone (Droid DNA) has an 8 mega pixel camera. I sheepishly admit, my Canon Powershot is only 10 mega pixels. Not only are there more mega pixels rivaling cheap point and shoots, you can also zoom and take rapid pictures. So I am finding that while I am taking silly pictures for things like Instagram but also I am taking pictures that are of a high enough quality that I use them on my blogs!!!

What does this really mean in life (not just social media) terms? I am always carrying a camera! A good one! And I don’t have to carry batteries too! I am taking more pictures of my kids and even more high definition video of them too. Due to the power of our cell phone camera we don’t really need to own a point and shoot camera anymore. A DSLR is still a wonderful camera but lets be real, are you going to be carrying a huge $1000 camera everywhere? No, but that cell phone is already in your pocket!

Which means… You really need to factor the camera into all your cell phone purchases! Look for features beyond just the Mega Pixel count! I love the fact that I can take rapid pictures and some other very nice features. So look at everything that these great cameras in a phone have to offer and choose well!

And join me in the Instagram rabbit hole;). I am TheNerdmom, follow me;).

(Disclosure: I am a Verizon Ambassador and they gave me a HTC Droid DNA. All the words and opinions are mine!)

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