The Wall Street Journal and Mom Blog Conferences

My 2 cents on the Wall Street Journal about Mom Blog Conferences. They say that we are just escaping our kids. I think this is their attempt to get attention and traffic! Have they heard of conferences before? They are all designed to be fun and work regardless of the industry.

Is WSJ just jealous of the money invested in our conferences instead of their ads? Is this a little bit of the Mommy Wars? What do you think?


  1. Amen sister!! Do NOT give them any more publicity! That is exactly what they want!

  2. I love that you unashamedly put homeschooling first. We are almost done for this year – hurray! And I totally agree with not giving WSJ traffic. Oh – and I totally understand the “part time” work quandry. Best wishes!


  1. […] about why she really goes to conferences in her post, Moms Go to Conferences Just to Party. I love Jacqueline Cromwell’s vlog about the article, and her points that we should keep the conversation about this on Facebook and our own blogs and […]

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