Trieste Agreement 1954

The free territory was de facto dissolved and handed over in 1954 to its two neighbours (Italy and Yugoslavia). This was formalized much later by the 1975 Osimo Bilateral Treaty, ratified in 1977. [2] “Steps are being taken to prematurely end the Allied military government, the withdrawal of US and British forces from the territory they occupy and the assumption of responsibility by Italy and Yugoslavia in the territories defined in the agreement initialled today. (Bulletin of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 18 October 1954, page 555) At that time, the following text of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia on the [page 571]Free Territory of Trieste (printed in the Department of State Bulletin, 18. October 1954, pages 556-558): Italy fought with the Axis powers during World War II. When the fascist regime collapsed in 1943 and Italy capitulated, the territory was occupied by German forces who created the Adriatic Coast Area of Operation, of which Trieste was the capital. The Yugoslav 4th Army and the Slovenian 9th Corps entered on 1 May 1945 after a battle in the town of Opicina in Trieste. The 2nd Division (New Zealand) arrived the next day and imposed the surrender of the 2,000 troops of the German army who were leaving for Trieste, who had cautiously refused to capitulate to maquisard troops, fearing execution by them. .