We Need More Enver!!!

Profile picture from IMDB

Profile picture from IMDB

About a week and a half ago NerdDad and I finally got a chance to watch Cabin in the Woods. And that made us want to rewatch Dollhouse. Which we did this last week. Which in turn led us to wonder about something….

Why don’t we see more of this actor??? Recognize this guy? Seems familiar, right? His name is Enver Gjokaj.

He seems to have bit roles in a variety of things but is rarely a regular in anything. He played Victor in Dollhouse and was phenomenal!!! The nature of the role is that he would play other personalities and you would expect them to be pretty good but since he isn’t actually mimicking anything…. Well the bar is kind of low. As long as his fake British accent was decent and he plays a believable soldier… But when he copies Topher Brink it is amazing!!!

I don’t know why we don’t see more of this actor!!!!!


  1. I’m so glad you posted about this! I was lonivg these back-to-back eps. Especially since I was watching all my DVR eps in a row…I was so upset after I watched the Sierra ep (not for the ending of course but for the other parts…especially Victor sitting and waiting for her.)I loved seeing the DC counterparts…it’s interesting that their set-up is so different. I was a little freaked that Wesley and Faith were in bed together! LOL! Have faith (a little pun intended) that some of us are still watching and will respond to write-ups if there are any.

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