Whedon T-Shirt Tuesday


What would a feature like Geek T-Shirt Tuesday be without a week for Joss Whedon;)? This week we are looking at t-shirts that are all about the man himself (the various shows will have their own weeks;).

We kick this round up off with this fabulous Mutant Disney shirt that comes in a variety of styles and colors. Simple and understated, you can wear is just about any where.


I love this Whedon Assemble shirt! It is actually the first of these shirts I saw and what gave me the inspiration to do this round up. A nice capsule of the many reasons we admire the mind of Whedon.


Whedon is known for his fabulously strong female characters. Women of the Whedonverse is great homage to all those awesome female characters! I can’t wait to see what great women are going to arise out of SHIELD and Avengers 2. As with many of the Red Bubble shirts you can go with a variety of styles and colors, including a variety of girlie options.


Whedon’s men are complex, flawed and hilarious (in one form or another). Men of Whedonverse is a great collection of characters.


Joss is Boss. Need I say more? I think the studios need to learn this lesson! And bring back Firefly;). Just saying;).

Ok, that brings this week’s Geek T-Shirt Tuesday to a close! Are you a Whedon fan? What is his favorite creation?

What should I focus on next week?

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